pot au feu









The interior of Pot au Feu was designed by the renowned Prague firm COTTO s.r.o. All the materials are organic and locally sourced including the white oak, granite, and leather upholstery. Each detail was meticulously crafted and arranged to compliment the environment, from the cloud mobile floating beneath the ceiling of the main room to the oil canvases of the Russian surrealist painter Victor Safonkin—a regular customer—that hang on the walls. Mellow background music accentuates the sensuous atmosphere without being intrusive. Pot au Feu has two rooms: The 30-seat main dinning area offers panoramic views of Rybná Street. The adjoining private dinning room seats 14, and is ideally suited for intimate occasions or confidential business meetings.  













 1 restaurant

2 restaurant praha

3 francouzská kuchyně

4 praha restaurant

5 pražské restaurace

7 kvalitní suroviny

6 gastronomie

8 kulinářství

9 francouzská vína